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15 ml - Eau de Esprit

Ofrenda awakens and nourishes the family altar dedicated to lost loved ones and those who wrote the lines of ancestral stories. Papel picado, cempasuchil, candles, pan de muerto, tequila, candies, beer, fruit, bowls of water and sweets, all common offerings during Dia de Muertos, awaiting the touch of welcome spirits.

The golden crowns of cempashuchil glow with the fire of memory, like links in the chains of ancestral history that reach toward the Sun in exaltation of life, celebration and human potential.

To be used in work involving ancestors and the dead, remembering and restoring, and honoring the sun as it begins its descent toward the Underworld.

Enchant* wrists, neck, hair, candles, altars, hands, tools, idols, images and hearths.

In offering, Ofrenda belongs to the Ancestors, the Beloved Dead, the Sun, Cempasuchil, Dia de Muertos and Halloween.

bergamot, lime, mezcal, cempasuchil (Mexican marigold), cocaloxochitl (red frangipani), omixochitl (tuberose), chile ancho, cardamom, corn silk, cacao, vanilla+, candle wax, ambrette

*Ofrenda contains real cacao absolute. May color fabric.
+synthetic reconstitution of an endangered species

Photo & Styling by Napaquetzalli & Antheus Design.

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