House of Sacred Scents mission is to assist in connecting people with wisdom and medicine of plants and the natural world through the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and other pure botanical scent materials. We provide an offering to support personal transformation that brings people into deeper loving relationship with themselves and their spiritual exploration of what it means to be part of the universal whole.




The ingredients used in our offerings are the gifts the earth provided through the abundance and diversity of the natural world. We deeply value the incredible healing power and wisdom provided by these miracles of life and believe that practices that support and preserve plants should be implemented by all businesses to the best of their ability. 


We believe that consumer safety and education is an integral part of making sustainable decisions. We want those who receive who receive our offerings to feel good about the decision they have made about how they've spent their resources with awareness of the influence their purchase has had on the planet, people, and economic balance.


At House of Sacred Scents we believe that we are only as strong as our community. The strength of the social fabric and our connection to other people greatly impact our experience, happiness, sense of peace, and the decisions we make. A more connected and loving world is a more sustainable world, because it results in more decisions that produce positive environmental and social impact. 


For us empathy is not just walking in another's shoes, seeing things from their perspective, or having concern about the well being of others. Empathy is the action you take and the decisions that you make based on the information you have and your understanding of the impact that your actions will have on others as well as the earth.