Here at House of Sacred Scents we believe that transparency is of the utmost importance in building a trusting relationship with our community. It is not common that brands share the sources of their materials. We hope that in doing so it will inspire others to do the same. We don't ask that you just trust us. We wish to live our ethics and be as transparent as possible. We attempt to be as sustainable as possible in a presently unsustainable industry as a small artisan maker using scent ingredients, some of which can only be sourced internationally.

Botanical Materials and Carrier Oil

Eden Botanicals does their best to be as sustainable as possible. They express a reverence for the plants and materials and use their product pages to inform customers of the issues surrounding threatened species. See their sandalwood page here

Aftelier Mandy Aftel provides a beautiful collection of curated botanical materials. We trust her integrity when she says they are as sustainable as possible. Without a direct relationship to the supplier there is a level of trust required with the company you are purchasing from. 

White Lotus Aromatics has many beautiful scent materials and while we don't have a lot of details on their sources they do say that everything is organic and that they source from "trusted distilling and extracting colleagues. 


SaltWorks is where we source our Himalayan pink salts and epsom salts. Here are their sustainability practices. In part we chose them because they are a member of Sedex (Supplier ethical data exchange).

Perfume Bottles and Jars is a provider of recycled glass products. We are very excited to be sourcing some of our limited edition salt jars from them. They are committed to providing an environmentally responsible product. has some sustainability policies in place. In general we have found it very challenging to find a rollerball container that is entirely recyclable. The plastic cap and roller still end up in garbage facilities even though the glass vial is recyclable and reusable. makes glass jars that are recyclable and reusable. We are looking into companies with more sustainability policies and transparency. Sources from within the US whenever possible. For right now their hatch-lid jars are a beautiful reusable option.

SKS Bottles & Packaging has many different sizes and shapes of glass jars and bottles. They have a high rating on Trust Pilot and by the Better Business Bureau. They source from within the US whenever possible so it cuts down on travel emissions.  

Packaging, Collateral, and Labels is fantastic. They are an eco-centered brand who we purchase or compostable mailers and packing materials from.  Learn more about their Sustainable Packaging Framework here

Greenerprinter is an eco-centered printer in Oakland, CA. Learn about their sustainability policies and practices here. has a green label option that we use. You can learn more about it here