We use only the purest natural botanical materials from vendors we trust. We make our products as sustainable as possible. As a result the ingredients are subject to change based on what we learn about endangered plants and production practices.

Bay Laurel (Laurus Nobilis): Encourages receptivity to the gifts of creativity and prophecy. Assists the mind in moving beyond its normal activities. Protective and preventative, removes unwanted energies, clears away confusion. Supports inspiration, direction, and creativity.


Benzoin (Styrax Benzoin): Supports opening the heart and mind to receive what we have denied ourselves. Assists in gaining personal wisdom from past difficulties and when we must make decisions of the heart. Encourages comfort, elevation, and is protective.


Bergamot: This scent is an amplifier of energy. Assists the opening of the heart and brining illumination. Facilitates a state of awareness and peace. Encourages concentration, harmony, and completeness.


Black Pepper:  A fragrance of strength and fearlessness. Facilitates adventuring into previously unexplored territory while supporting a trust that we will be protected and guided. Assists us in listening to our inner voice of inspiration. Supports strength, stamina, and endurance.


Blue Lotus: Ethereal divine feminine manifested in presence. Facilitates the ability to access what is defined as feminine power. Encourages the release of the ego in favor of divine wisdom, vulnerability, and strength of spirit.


Cardamom: When we feel overburdened  this fragrance assists us in allowing our hearts to open and expand. Encourages us to awaken to the virtues of humanity when they are hard to see. Facilitates clarity, motivation, and enthusiasm.


Clary Sage: This scent encourages contentment within the heart. It facilitates ease and an understanding that most of our difficulty exists in our minds and encourages us to look within during times of challenge. Encourages calm, regeneration and tranquility.


Coffee:It inspires divine destruction that makes way for new growth and embodiment. It carries with it potential and creation energy. Coffee is associated with the goddess Kali.


Cypress: The frequency of transition between the physical and the spiritual realms. Assists with a connection to the wisdom of the universe. Offer strength and energetic protection. Encourages stillness, inner peace, and gaining wisdom.


Fir: The spirit of fir embraces the planet while drawing down heavenly energies. It is the fragrance of the collective soul reminding us of the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of life. Encourages harmony, clarity, and inner vision.


Frankincense: A spiritual adaptogen easing us back into our bodies when we have fled out of fear or pain. Provides a  connection with the spiritual wisdom of the universe in so much as we are ready. You can make a request for support. Fosters emotional stability, protection, courage and acceptance of self for where we are.


Geranium: The scent resonates within the energy of the earth and the feminine. She facilitates transformation through opening the heart and transmuting challenges. Her transformative abilities deserve deep respect. Assists with energy becoming matter. Encourages solace, balance from a place of soothing. Use with respect and care.


Honeysuckle: This scent has the ability to dilate the crown chakra and the third eye bringing the wisdom of the stars down into your body and into the earth. You become a channel for starlight, the purest vibration of universal, unconditional love.


Lavender: The mother of the essential oils. Embodies comfort and protective love. Facilitates the incorporation of heavenly energies into the body through its ability to move within the auric field. Encourages serenity, gentleness, and compassion ** Provides deeply nurturing feminine energy allowing us to move from a place of internal support, receiving the ready foundation of the earth beneath our feet.


Lavender (Spike): While spike lavender still carries the nurturing supportive elements of the mother, it has more yang energy supporting loving action and forward momentum. Works in the auric field closest to the body incorporating heavenly energy into the physical body. Pushes us toward our destiny.


Lemon: This scent facilitates clarity through upliftment, focus, and purifying thought. Spiritually cleansing it clears the way to welcome in divine love. Encourages clarity, awareness, and concentration.


Marjoram: Stills the mind and brings a sense of peacefulness allowing communication with our soul. Assists in connecting us with our inner fire as an extension of the cosmos. Helps bear the weight of what it is to be human. Facilitates forgiveness without judgement. Supports  balance, calm, and integrity.


Myrrh: Leads us to the crossroads of our soul so we may sit with ourselves and in doing so identify a path forward. A scent to heal the healer. Assists us in letting go, forgiveness of the self and others, and helps us move forward after a challenge. Fosters fortitude, peace, mastery of self and emotion.


Neroli: This fragrance has the vibration of pure spirit. Has a loving peaceful countenance and invites us into wholeness and unconditional love allowing the spirit to sore once one has released old wounds and patterns of relating. Supports completeness, joy, regeneration, and a feeling of lightness.


Orange (sweet): Liquid happiness and energy of a radiant sun to remind us to move toward joy. Assists in revitalizing the connection to the spirit. Can energize or be gentle depending on what is needed. Encourages joy, upliftment, and positivity. Facilitates self-confidence.


Rose: The Universal vibration of love. She comes to us to soothe our souls, enveloping us in unconditional love, bringing harmony and comfort while easing any sorrow that may exist. Encourages love, sensuality and inner vision. **Assists in connecting us to the sensuality of the body and embodying the living presence of love.


Sandalwood: Brings the divine into any space and joins the physical and spiritual aspects of being. Creates internal quiet to hear the great Universal Prayer. Fosters serenity, harmony, and unity.


Vetiver: Facilitates the awareness that we are not alone in the universe. It assists in uncovering that which is deeply hidden within our hearts. Aids in calming inner disquiet so that we may find the answers we seek. Encourages growth, integrity and grounding.


Yuzu: If we feel spiritually unsettled yuzu supports strength and purity of spirit to move forward to discover and examine new truths. Provides a point of peaceful stillness within the storm for a clear view. Supports focus, concentration and courage while remaining centered.