What this is.

You are your own mainline to the divine. No matter what tradition you follow your divine connection is a birthright as a member of humanity. This booklet is a framework for creating a space to build your connection in a way that resonates most with you. The details and materials you use are yours to choose and create. This is a deeply personal process that can be done alone or in the safety of a trusted supportive community. This is an offering to invite personal exploration.

What this is not.

This is not a set of directions to connect with a specific energy or entity. This is not a claim that if you follow these instructions you will become enlightened, achieve all of your desires, become a spiritual channel, or become financially successful.

What is possible.

If you develop a consistent ritual practice that aligns with you as an individual and focuses on your intentions, desires, and your personal divine connection, you may find yourself more at peace, more able to focus on what truly matters to you, to recognize and take the steps required to achieve your intentions, goals, and desires. Better able to recognize when opportunities appear upon your path and willing to receive those opportunities. More clarity and inspiration around intentions, goals, and desires.


The intention behind an altar guides both its creation and its use. Each altar is as individual as the heart and soul driven desires of its creator.