Plant Allies For the Lovespell Attendees

 This scent was created with an intention to serve the highest good of all involved in the Lovespell Full Moon Retreat and support them on the next step of their journey. Take what resonates, leave what does not. It is all about your own relationship that you develop with plants and the wisdom they share with you. Thank you again for receiving. If I receive anymore information I will add it to this page.

Cedarwood: Supports the integrity and stability of the spirit. Assists with moving through the difficulties of life with hope and perseverance. Carries the energetic force of the universe while maintaining a deep connection to the earth. Encourages strength, balance, and commitment. 

Cypress: The frequency of the transition between the physical and the spiritual realms. Assists with a connection to the wisdom of the universe. Offers strength and energetic protection. Encourages stillness, inner peace and wisdom.

Galangal (Thai Ginger): Spirit fire, sparks change, a catalyst to move forward and through, reignites the fire when it has been snuffed out. Brings light, brings life.

Jasmine: Her fragrance reflects the desires of the heart so that we may see the motives of our spirit. Jasmine says release control over others. Focus on your own choices, turn the lens around. She provides us with a personal haven with which we can connect more deeply with our higher selves. May call angelic realms close. 

Mimosa: Carries the resonance of the "I am"  as it is part of the infinity of the universal whole. Maintains a balance between the self and the infinite, vibrating with the energy of beauty, love, and joy. Supports animation and evolution.

Patchouli: Compassionate universal expansion. Enhances the understanding of the sacredness of all life and the connection of all things. Supports the first steps towards action in a new endeavor.

Yarrow: The gift of our spell. "I am Alive. I am Awake. I am Power." 

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