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Personalized Ritual Set


Work one on one with Molly Brennan, our Ritual Perfumer, to identify what you truly desire to bring into your life. If you are in the process of becoming more powerfully rooted in your creativity and sense of self, stepping into speaking your truth from a place of personal power, or receiving all of the abundance that desires to flow into your life, this co-creative process can be a supportive part of your journey. Above all, to experience this process most fully one must have a genuine desire to connect with the wisdom of plants.  

As a result of this intention ritual you will receive a personal perfume, ritual bath salt, crystal, and a candle. These objects can be used for ritual and intention setting or in any way that brings you joy. I give my interpretation of the scent materials, I refer to them as plant allies in a highly concentrated form, but really the message of the scent is for the client to interpret. No one can dictate your experience.


Once I have received the intention from you I usually begin the process with an opening ritual asking any spiritual guides you may have if they wish to share a scent message with you. I never know who will step forward sometimes it is a spiritual energy that the client has been working with for a while and sometimes it is an entirely new one. 

The reason I start the process ahead of the making of the perfume and salt is because there is usually a list of offerings required before the ritual: flowers, stones, foods, etc. I acquire the offerings and create an altar for the ritual. Usually a particular form of music comes forward as well. Once all of that is established the ritual is started.

The salt and the perfume have always been made during the same ritual whether they come from the same or different spiritual energies. I will share my experience of what came through during the ritual. After the salt and perfume are left on the altar for a time, I create a second ritual space to do a write up on the set of plant allies that have shown up for you. There are the separate messages of each plant as well as the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts within the perfume and the salt. 

I use my full kit for these rituals. The perfume and salt may contain essential oils, absolutes, and resins. Organic grape alcohol is used for the perfume and I use a combination of Himalayan pink salt and epsom salts for the ritual bath salt. The bottle comes from my collection as does the stone or crystal you will receive. I am available for a follow up if you have any questions or things you wish to share.

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