Watch Our Most Recent Interview with Herbcraft's Mauricio Garcia

In honor of expanding Mauricio's offerings in the House of Sacred Scents we are excited to present this interview with him detailing his journey into scent magic and his discovery the gift he is now sharing with the world. What better way to get to know the alchemist and the offerings than to meet him yourself. He shares some of his favorite plant allies and there is a book list soon to come in the comments!

Learn about the up coming HOSS and Herbcraft collaboration for the creation of an elemental collection and his engagement with @sustainableperfumery@redlistproject, and @futureolfactives.

To stay up to date on Mauricio's offerings and courses at @tigerlilyperfumery and @thescarletsage follow him @herbcraftperfumery and of course we will always be posting them at House of Sacred Scents as well!