Born Out of Surrender

What happens when you let your spirit guide you in business? It looks different for all of us. All of the previous business ideas I conceptualized were created because I thought I had to earn my worth as a human being on this planet. That I was worth only my work. I did not believe that I was inherently worthy of life simply because I existed.

I pushed up against my own mind trying to force out an idea, but nothing happened until I finally surrendered and released my need to control the situation by shear force of will. I was at the end. I couldn't push anymore. I didn't give up.

Instead, as I lay on the floor with my forehead against the ground, full of frustration and anger at my inability to just make something happen, I thought, "I surrender. I release control of the situation and trust where I am guided to go. I will follow what I am drawn to and trust that it is the way." I literally threw away all of my previous work. 

And so I went back to the beginning. What am I drawn to? What brings me joy in the most basic sense? My conclusion, which seemed silly at the time, was I like things that smell good. More specifically the scent of trees, flowers, cut grass. Simple things.

What started out as a potential interest cascaded into what I have built my life around with a mission and all of my love behind it. Through exploration, experimentation, and education my connection to scent as a form of communication and my own spirit continues to grow.

Sharing the ways in which scent can lead us back to experiencing the earth as a sacred place, connect with our own inner peace, and lead us back to the love within our own hearts is a true gift. Surrender is a constant process that I come back to again and again. A practice. A journey. One that has lead me here. To you.


Thank you for receiving my words.

 You are loved.