Finding Joy in a Time of Uncertainty

What is inspiring you lately? What is bringing you joy?

These are questions that I seek to answer every morning. I recently realized I had forgotten to look at these two very important things. The third one being, what am I grateful for? I went to drop off a custom massage oil for a friend and he asked me, “What is bringing you joy right now?” This of course was after I had given a list of all of the things, of which we can find many in the world right now, that were bringing my mood down and making me stressed and sad. I had to stop and think about it. Like really pause. Even though there is quite a long list when you start to think about it, I was at a loss for a few minutes because of the track my mind was on. I finally found something in the mists of my mind. My little nephews had recently had their first birthday. And even though I couldn’t be with them across the country because of the pandemic I was so happy and grateful that there are pictures and videos of them with the books I got them, being the tiny bookworms that they are. Constantly growing, exploring, and learning. Always a good reminder to us all!

Finding the beauty and joy in things doesn’t mean we don’t recognize our own suffering and difficulties or the suffering and difficulties of others. It doesn’t mean that they don’t influence how we are feeling. Depression and anxiety are so present for many of us. It just means we are able to recognize and hold both of these things at once. The bitter and the sweet. Sometimes we can, sometimes we are not in the place to do so. Always working towards balance and finding the joy around us, even if it is the smallest thing like a scent. Having one enables us to appreciate the other.

The reminder to look for the joy was so powerful for me that I am passing it on to you.