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15 ml - Eau de Esprit

An ethereal spirit of violet leaves and white flowers in a moonlit garden, enticing seekers to find the doorways hidden in dreams and secret places.

Hypnotica’s magic is the mute vibration of jasmine and tuberose singing their prayers to the silence of the moon.

To be used in work involving lunar cycles, dreams, illusions, the night sky, strengthening intuition and quieting emotional energy.

Enchant wrists, neck, candles, hair, tools, mirrors, crystals, dream waters, bedclothes, bedding, baths.

In offering, Hypnotica belongs to the Moon and the Night, Datura, Jasmine, Tuberose, Persephone and the Fae.

Featured ingredient: locally and sustainably grown lavender oil.

lavender, violet leaf, violet flower, plum, pear, jasmine, tuberose, benzoin

+synthetic reconstitution of an endangered species

Photo & Styling by Napaquetzalli & Antheus Design.

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